1. This New Year I resolve to being more humble, to express the quality of humbleness in all my relationships to a point where it becomes my humble habit.

2. Realizing that I am not perfect, I promise to make every effort to extend grace to other people, making allowances for their short-comings, especially for my precious spouse.

3. This New Years Eve I am going to let go of any hurt feelings of bitterness, resentment, and spite by forgiving my spouse for any hurts that I feel he or she may have caused me. I now know that the pain is mine, not theirs, and in order to love I must forgive.

4. Though I know that everyone, including myself, struggles with selfishness, this New Year I commit to being less self-centered and more understanding of other peoples needs, especially my wife's or my husbands.

5. This New Years I will intentionally make efforts to appreciate my husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend on a daily basis. To open my eyes wide enough to view the many reasons I have to be content with them.

6. I agree that my tongue can be hurtful if not kept under control, so I am resolving to better control my words by thinking before I speak. This New Year I commit to speaking words of love to my spouse by complimenting and encouraging them.

7. With patience I will be more understanding, more compassionate, and more forgiving. With patience I will overlook the things that I have so often allowed to bother me. With patience I will have more tolerance, so I humbly commit to being more patient with others, especially my spouse for the entire New Year.

8. Although we are all prone to become angry, I know that a person of understanding is even tempered. I will seek to control myself and my emotions so that I am not too quick to become angry thereby making a fool of myself. I will be slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to become angry during the New Year.

9. In this New Year I promise to spend more time gaining wisdom so that I will grow in maturity and become a more loving person. I promise to read the book of love, 1 Corinthians in the bible, so that I may follow the ways of love, and learn what it truly means to love.

10. I am going to make intentional efforts to love the people in my life, because I now know that love is more important than anything else. I know that real love lasts forever, and there is no greater joy than that.

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